CLIMATE CHANGE: When will we stop being so arrogant?

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It’s time someone stated the truth about climate change. We hear from professors, scientists, climate change ‘experts’, governments. Telling us how, in their opinion we (mankind) can contribute towards halting climate control.

What they should be telling you however is that climate changes started with the birth of this planet, have never stopped evolving and never will stop evolving. There is ample evidence that millions of years ago where there is now desert there was once an ocean. This country alone in this vast world has been like Iceland is. For many thousands of years we were entombed in solid ice without any interference from mankind.

Then after thousands of years another climate change evolved, and another, and another.

Today a climate change is melting the ice caps and one wonders what we may eventually find beneath them. The subsequent water created by this will locate itself somewhere else, perhaps eventually back to the areas of desert. During the next thousand years our country may well disappear beneath the sea.

It appears to be absolutely arrogant of so many people to blame mankind for what is a natural act of evolution of mother nature.

The main worry currently is of course the melting ice caps. Eventually this will certainly result in the seas becoming deeper and warming air above the ice caps may cause violent storms. Storms to make the seas angry.

The seas at current levels already erode our coastlines at an alarming rate and push uncontrollable amounts of water up our rivers which don’t appear to be coping very well.

It seems therefore quite right that we are made aware that climate change is inevitable regardless of whom or what we choose to blame it on.

Climate change will continue over and over again over the next few million years as it has over the previous few million years.

Shall we therefore stop being arrogant in pretending that mankind has any hope whatsoever of ever being able to alter, delay or otherwise interfere with the evolution of mother nature.

Bert Spencer

Holbeach St Marks