CHURCHYARDS: I’ve said it once, ’ll say it again: ‘Clear off!’

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Please allow me to reply to David Hill, who suggests that I would rather see “our churchyards overgrown as wildlife areas” (Spaldian Guardian, December 6).

No, Mr Hill I would not. Here’s my advice: I work hard and I pay my way in this world to keep my houseyard in a state of good order but unlike you and your minority religion I do not seek state benefits.

Our difference is this; your tax-exempt, tax-avoiding Church of England claims false entitlement and that affects people of other faiths and no faith.

By the way Mr Hill, your sad excuse that “the cost to rate payers is only £1 a year for each house” begs the inevitable question: “If so, why cannot the priviledged Church of England, with known assets of £5.1bn, pick up this bill for its own costs?

Mr Hill, you were once the vicar of St Mary’s church in Pinchbeck and you once appeared on my doorstep asking for money to suppoprt the church. You may remember that I told you to clear off. Please allow me to repeat that advice.

David Turp

Wimberley Way