CHURCH YARDS: Pathway plan would be cash better spent

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‘How can I make a difference to our community?’ asks Rev Chas Sandhu (Spalding Guardian, August 8).

Well, lets consider calling to account the Church of England who could make a big difference to our community here in Pinchbeck.

Here the parish council has decided that the ‘Closed Cementery Act of 1972’ is a spending priority that requires, believers, non-believers, and those of other persuasions to cough up some £3,500-plus per annum for the upkeep of two closed churchyards.

Please note the word ‘closed’. Some might say ‘closed’ means of no further use. Why is it their status is deemed ‘closed’?

Probably, so Church of England costs can be passed on to hard-pressed taxpayers. It is a matter of opinion.

Finally, consider this: a pathway is desparetely needed along Market Way in Pinchbeck to safeguard the schoolchildren and other pedestrians, who use it on a daily basis, from fast moving traffic. To make this area safe would probably cost Pinchbeck taxpayers, say, £3-4,000, roughly the price of maintenance costs we are forced to pay to the Church of England (audited assets of £5.6bn and rising) per annum.

Yes. I agree. How can I make a difference? I can assure you I will do my best.

David Turp