Church out of touch with reality

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Having read the piece (Spalding Guardian, June 7) regarding the planning application for a new vicarage in Holbeach I had to put forward my thoughts.

Firstly I will state that I do not attend church and never will.

What outrages me most is the church’s attitude on this whole matter.

How many ‘jobs’ nowadays come with a free house? And yet to the poor applicants for this ‘job’ the current lovely four bedroom historic house is not good enough for them!

Well I’m very sorry but many people would love to be given this house to live in for free. Maybe they should look at the real world where many people are losing their homes before coming out with such an offensive comment.

With the sort of attitudes displayed here is it any wonder that people do not go to church any longer?

As usual it appears one rule for the church and another for everyone else.