CHURCH: Have they forgotten that text?

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To challenge and change the world. Unfortunately, we hear little from our religious leaders of that challenge and much of their resistance to change, the obvious examples being squabbling over the ordination of women bishops and the marriage of gays.

Most we hear of religion in today’s world is about the persecution of the followers of one faith by another, the abuse of children by those supposedly devout and Christian religions taking every opportunity to go cap in hand to those less fortunate while sitting on immense wealth.

So much wealth that its use could alleviate the suffering of countless millions.

Reverend Walters, if you and the representatives of other faiths wish to challenge and change the world, embrace that changing world and adapt, start pounding the pulpit about injustice rather than making ethereal comment, and look to your leadership for a radical change in their desire to hoard rather than use Church wealth for good.

I’m no scholar of the Bible but I believe Matthew 25 has something to say about wealth. Maybe the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Westminster might wish to review that text as it appears that both have forgotten.

Andrew MacDonald