CHILD POVERTY: Compare our kids to those in 1913, or even 1813

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Regarding the story about child poverty, my idea of child poverty would be seeing children having no shoes or socks on their feet.

Or wearing old tatty, torn and worn-out hand-me-down clothing full of holes, or always looking filthy as in unwashed, or hardly ever fed or watered and eating scragg end of mutton or reboiled chicken bones because neither parent was in work and didn’t get any help with anything.

Or drinking tap water, or uncut and unwashed hair covered in nits and having rickets in their joints with boils and sores everywhere, or never in school playing truant, or always ill with colds from no proper home heating, or sleeping on a wooden floor with straw for a bed and a sack to cover them up in at night.

Or taught how to beg or steal for money in the streets with other siblings.

When was the last time you saw a child in Spalding like that? No, me neither.

Modern day child poverty would be seeing children not wearing the latest branded designer shoes or socks on their feet.

Or wearing a branded fashionable item of clothing or footwear that’s no longer considered cool by their so-called peers.

Or having to have a bath instead of a shower, or not being seen eating/drinking the latest junk food advertised on TV with their friends.

Or not living in a house with central heating with a comfy cosy bed to get into at night, or not having the latest electronic gadgets to communicate their every word to their friends with.

Perhaps we need to get a modern version of child poverty as in 2013 and compare it to 1913 or 1813 and see what the differences are.

Alan Long