Check the tenders first

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Thanks to the diligence of Tracey Sweetland, we now learn that South Holland District Council is to replace the existing unauthorised travellers’ site at Broad Drove, with a new one on land between the A16 and Drain Bank North.

The new site consisting of ten pitches will have the capacity to site 30 caravans and the costs for the project will be paid from the original funds provided by the Government to source three new facilities.

Please take note Good Burghers of South Holland and our local MP Mr Hayes because this is where it gets very interesting indeed.

The cost of each pitch at Holbeach was, as admitted by the Audit Commission, slightly excessive at £108,000! On that basis , not adding anything for inflation, the cost for this new site will be circa £1.08m.

But the problem is that only £319,341 remains in the pot! Now unless they are going for stand pipes and chemical “Portaloos” they can only have three pitches.

It is going to take some very creative accountancy and an unusually frugal builder with a team of volunteers to pull this off but don’t bet on it.

It is more likely to cost a great deal of money which the council doesn’t have, so who will end up footing the bill?

Mr Hayes previously asked me what I thought he should do after the debacle at Holbeach, well here is my suggestion: check the tenders before placing any orders and see what can be afforded.

Keep up the good work Tracey.

Peter Manley

Sutton Long