CHARITY: Your cash can help prevent more deaths

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On behalf of SADS UK ( Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome), may I thank all who donated towards the SADS Charity at the Weston Village Fete on Saturday, August 31 and at the Moulton Park Country Show on Sunday, September 1.

The money raised was £60 and this is to go towards the provision of a defibrillator for Weston St Mary Primary School.

This is an important project as having lost my only son through sudden death I want to try to prevent any other

families going through the terrible time our family went through.

We need to raise £1,200 so still have a long way to go but I do hope that the money can be raised quickly so we can get the defibrillator in place as soon as possible.

Sudden death can occur at any time to anyone, be it young or old and we need to be as prepared to prevent this as best we can.

Fundraising for this defibrillator will carry on until the full amount is raised.

Christine Pepper

via email