CHARITY: Syria appeal is close to being a scam

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I recently saw the advert by a well known celebrity askingfor £3 via my mobile to help children refugees from Syria. This £3 was going to be of great assistance!

I was moved to do just that.

Subsequently I received a telephone call to my mobile from a very well spoken young man trying to persuade me to subscribe a monthly sum and £20 was suggested.

I informed him we already had our own charities we subscribe to but he was very persistent.

In the end I disconnected the call.

My £3 donation was certainly wasted in the cost of this unwanted call to me. How many more are there like this. I suspect many.

I would have contacted the originator of the Appeal but of course there is no address.

I thought other readers would like to know about what I feel is close to a scam.

Peter Rex