Change should keep best of old and select best of new

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This is only the second time that I have written to a paper and both letters have been on the same subject.

Firstly, well done to Adam McVeigh for organising a petition to stop the council selling something that belongs to the people of Spalding.

Secondly, can Corbo show us an example of a small market town where the building of large retail units away from the town centre has actually regenerated that town centre?

Thirdly, what difference will the money they have offered make to the town centre in the long term?

I don’t oppose this development because I don’t want change. Surely change should keep the best of the old and select the best of the new.

The people making the decisions should care about the town, live in the area and not just want to make short-term profit.

Carole Lewry

Rotten Row