Change in opening hours has nothing to do with delays at recycling centre

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As a regular user of the household waste recycling centre, I wish to report that the delay continues. No one seems able to solve the problem.

Today (Monday) I joined a queue along the West Marsh Road and it took me 25 minutes to dispose of my garden waste. Wednesday last week I was there for 40 minutes.

The change in opening hours has nothing to do with the delay.

The place has no effective management, the staff seem to prefer delays and long queues. They do not assist us and I have seen them ignore women who asked for help.

What is their job description exactly?

They look busy, pushing a broom or inspecting containers.

All they need do is move more people on to the garden waste containers, instruct them to assist us unloading the waste from the cars and emptying them.

If they did this, there would be no queues. GUARANTEED.

Today four men stood by containers doing nothing, two men were at the garden waste bins (this is where the problem is) but not actively helping struggling people (one woman was helped).

Many of us are retired and frail. I am small, in my seventies with a heart complaint and I unloaded the stuff myself, being watched struggling.

Surely strong men should help willingly, rather than wait until asked or begged to help.

The councillor responsible for waste management can easily confirm this fact by visiting, incognito. Will he, I wonder?

Does the council know how much CO2 emissions are caused by the stream of stop and start traffic created by their inefficiency?


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