CENTRE WORK: Investment or a waste of the public’s money?

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I’ve just read in today’s Spalding Guardian (April 11) that £80,000 “tin hut” work is starting in Whaplode.

Also it says there is a further investment of a new portable cabin with a kitchen.

I’m referring to the church-room at Whaplode Drove.

As I understand, the local church will have donated to the renovation?

My thoughts? 100 yards down the road is The Elizabethan Centre, which is a fairly modern community place compared with the tin hut.

Instead of putting the £80,000 towards the renovation of a tin hut why couldn’t the two committees have joined together and shared the same facilities and invested in a long term project.

The work which is being carried out will still only make it an upgraded tin hut, with a short term life.

Can someone please answer my concerns. Is this an investment or a waste of the public’s money?

D Barfoot