CCTV: Hare-brained scheme such a waste

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Regarding CCTV for Holbeach, what a ridiculous waste of council taxpayers’ money.

As for Francis Biggadike’s claim that CCTV is a deterrent, is it heck as like!

There have been numerous reports in the newspapers in recent years that it is NOT a deterrent.

As Christmas approaches and pickpockets, shoplifters and other criminals abound, do you think they are constantly looking up for the nearest CCTV camera? Of course not! But they ARE watching out for police officers and shop security staff who can run after them.

This mad, costly CCTV panacea is just another dose of self-aggrandizement for the local councillors who eagerly tick the “me too” box, then whack another six grand on to the bill for the taxpayer.

This money would be better spent on repairing potholes.

Can anyone state how many crimes were deterred when Holbeach had CCTV before? A hare-brained scheme by hare-brained councillors.

Michael D. Mitchell

Holbeach St Marks