CAR TAX: It’s actually easy to report untaxed cars

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In reply to Paul Woods, it is easy to report untaxed cars.

It is not a police issue now – they were right in telling you to report it to the DVLA.

Go online – they have an easy to fill in section that is annonymous.

They need the time the vehicle is likely to be there, the colour, make, model, registration, the town/city and street it is parked in, and the postcode if possible, and that’s it.

For those people out there thinking this is wrong and that you should not be snitching on people, just bear in mind no tax means no insurance either.

Nearly everyone out there complains about high insurance premiums and car tax – the reason for this is to cover those who do not tax and insure their vehicles.

Also, take this into consideration. If they have an accident they are more likely to leave the scene, leaving you to claim off your own insurance, shoving your premium even higher.

The people who do this usually have a blatant disregard for the law and have other issues going on – ie driving while under the influence of drugs/drink, no driving licence or banned from driving etc.

If you ignore untaxed vehicles then don’t complain when your premiums rise year on year.

The more vehicles you report the likelihood is your premiums in the area you live will come down.

Here is a tip for you if you see an untaxed vehicle and want to report it but do not wish to be seen by the owner taking notes: either video it on your mobile as you walk past or take a picture including the registration.

If you see it but don’t have the means to take details then return another day.

You don’t have to report it at the time.

Neil Bingham