Car park area is begging to become a shopping mall

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Oh dear! I see the Department for Silly Ideas have been at it again.

I have been to take a good look at Victoria Street car park in Spalding and the very idea of digging it up and making a park is daft enough, but to suggest putting sheltered accommodation there as well beggars belief.

What a delightful outlook, the back of the telephone exchange and numerous other large unattractive buildings – it would be like living in a prison yard.

Can you imagine the low life that would be attracted to the area, particularly at night. You would need a modern day equivalent of Wyatt Earp to patrol 24/7.

This area is begging to become a shopping mall with a multi-storey car cark above. It could link the shops in Winsover Road to the Sheep Market, The Crescent and the town as a whole.

It would consolidate the town, along with adequate parking. The public garden could then be on the existing green area at the Sir Halley Stewart Field, which has an open aspect.

Come on South Holland District Council, wake up. If this town must be expanded do not do it in two halves, make it one town with good parking facilities – you know it makes sense.

Marie Johnson