Car meet portrayal was revolting

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Regarding the front page of the Lincolnshire Free Press on Tuesday (‘Boy racers’ in town takeover).

I’m revolted by the portrayal of the events that happened at Holland Market car park. As teenagers and young adults of today’s society we’re already bombarded with bad reports of anti-social behaviour, which has caused us to be labelled with a heavy stereotype. We are not all the same, we’re individuals with our own personalities and own choices.

Many of the people that attend these legal car meets are hard-working members of the community who work to earn a living. Does this sound any different from the majority of the readers that read this paper?

There has been trouble before, but it’s not always the teenagers in cars. Also, I am stunned that people can take time to complain about a one night event when there are young teenagers running around town drunk and taking drugs, causing harm to others.

Car meets and cruises have happened for years and I’m positive older generations will remember such things. It’s not going to change, no matter how much negative press coverage there is. For us, it’s a good night with friends, to have a laugh. This is our hobby and people want to show off their pride and joy. The meet dispersed at around 10.30pm, half an hour before anti-social hours (11pm - 7am). Cars do make a lot of noise, it’s just a fact.

I think people around Spalding need to stop being so naïve about things. If you have a concern about the car meet community then please feel free to come and see for yourself. We do not encourage drugs, or drink alcohol or any illegal activity – it is purely about the cars.

Jade Decamps

Moons Green