Can you spare just a few hours a week for terminally ill patients?

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ST Barnabas Hospice Trust was founded in 1979 and although best known for its care of cancer patients widened its acceptance to include terminally ill patients with many other life-threatening illnesses.

We have in Spalding our own St Barnabas day hospice – the Jenny Freeman Lodge – which is open two days a week for patients to enjoy a structured day of activities.

Also nursing and welfare support is available and much more to give comfort and advice to patients and maximise their potential for living.

There is an inpatient hospice at Lincoln which gives palliative care to people in the advanced stages of life threatening illnesses. Also St Barnabas offers a hospice at home service and night care to patients and their carers who need support in times of strain who wish to be cared for at home until they die.

A lot of the money needed for these services comes from St Barnabas Hospice charity shop in New Road, Spalding. The shop is run by a team of dedicated volunteers of which there is no paid staff.

All the money raised is profit for the hospice foundation. We need more volunteers to help keep the shop open six days a week. Could you spare a few hours a week?

The day is split into two shifts –10am-1pm and 1pm-3.45pm. Just three hours a week could help us tremendously, and you would be meeting people while doing excellent work for the hospice. If you think you could help in any way please contact the shop on 01775 713159 and speak to me.


St Barnabas Hospital Shop

New Road