Call for meeting over cemetery benches plan

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I am writing with regard to the proposal to remove the seats from the present positions to the driveway in the Park Road cemetery in Holbeach.

I object strongly to this totally insensitive idea, reasons as follows:

1 – The whole idea of a seat next to my late wife’s final resting place is so that I can spend a quiet time to reflect.

2 – The seat is situated on my reserved burial plot and I keep the grass tidy by cutting with hand shears on a regular basis. Permission was granted for the placement of this seat.

3 – My son and daughter and their respective children also visit on a regular basis and like to sit and be alone with their thoughts.

4 – To have these seats removed and placed in the walkway is totally unacceptable. How long would they last considering the amount of people traversing the driveway? I am sure they would soon be vandalised.

5 – If, and only if, the seats have to be moved to facilitate the grass cutting (and by that I mean moved about a metre or so) what about levying a small monetary charge to cover any additional labour cost?

6 – I respectfully suggest a public meeting is held so all concerned can put forward their comments.


Langwith Gardens