CABBAGE HURLING: Inventor’s event has gone global

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I usually speak to my cousin on the telephone every few weeks and the other day I mentioned bits from the Guardian and Lincolnshire Free Press like I normally do, as while she has moved away years ago she still likes to hear about events around the area.

I mentioned the recent model tractor displays made by inventor John Ward to which she said that he had been interviewed on the radio by telephone where she lives not so long ago about his cabbage hurling event he created that was held at the Holbeach show during the summer.

She said he was very amusing although she was not aware of his Reliant fire engine and she will get a friend to look it up on the Internet for her as she is not computer-friendly herself.

The only reason I bring this matter up is my cousin lives just outside Melbourne in Australia and perhaps this proves that this cabbage hurling event has indeed gone global.

Having an amusing ambassador of sorts perhaps helps.

R Rowntree

Market Deeping