BUTTERFLY PARK: Parish will be looking for judicial review

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The members of Long Sutton Parish Council were extremely disappointed with the recent decision to approve the proposed development on the former Butterfly Park in the town.

We resent and categorically rebuke the incorrect and unfounded comments made in the letter entitled: “Response to Long Sutton Parish Council.”

The Parish Council is a hardworking and fair council. We aim to represent our community fairly and have the best interest of our parishioners at heart at all times.

In reply we advise that:

* The applicant for the Sutton Park development was invited to the Annual Parish Meeting 2012 and both Mr Smeaton and Mr Cross spoke freely to the meeting about the proposals for a considerable time.

* The full council meets every fourth Thursday and the planning committee every second Tuesday. The council advised the applicant that he was free to attend any meeting of the council to speak in the open forum which is held before every meeting.

* The council considers each plan individually and with an open mind. We do not open ourselves to being lobbied by any applicant or agent, in order to be fair to everyone.

* The council policy is for councillors not to meet, act or respond on an individual basis when representing the council.

* Members only act upon the instruction of the full council and with other members and the officer of the council present.

* The council did respond in full to correspondence sent to them by the Sutton Park agent and applicant.

* Some members of the council attended the consultation day held at the former Butterfly Park.

* The council do engage fully with the ward members who attend the council meetings.

* The council uphold all of the comments made during the consultation for Sutton Park and stand by its stance at resisting any lobbying and will not be intimidated.

* The council will be seeking legal advice with a review to a judicial review regarding the decision to approve the Sutton Park Development.

Long Sutton Parish Council