BUS SERVICE: Service is helping keep us healthy

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Regarding your story about the under-threat Kimes 59 bus service, I help run the Donington Health Walks as a volunteer walk leader working with a team every Tuesday.

When we started the walks we made the decision to match up with the local bus so as to encourage retired people on to the health walks from several surrounding towns and villages.

Every week we have walkers who join us by bus from Spalding, Surfleet, Gosberton and Quadring, arriving just after 10am and departing on the noon bus at the end of the walk.

This means that our retired members can take part in the health walks for free with no fuel costs or gym fees to pay out of their pension.

Surely by encouraging people on to the health walks, helping them to keep fit and active, this helps to keep down the costs for local GPs and hospitals?

Edward Finch

Donington Health Walker