BUDGET: Why doesn’t he take on another UKIP policy?

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Last week’s Budget included one or two tax cuts or freezes as a ‘PR’ exercise, while the interest free loans for house hunters sounded good and will probably be popular but it only puts off the evil day for the family.

Worse than that, it locks up revenue for five years – millions of pounds unavailable - so how does the Government intend to fill the hole? Another burden on the taxpayer at large?

The Chancellor said he was building on his previous budgets and the economy has begun to recover as a result. If so why is growth now predicted to improve by only 0.6 per cent, when he said previously it was due to rise to 1.2 per cent?

But he is at last adopting a UKIP policy, in part, a £10,000 tax threshold but why does he not take that forward to another UKIP policy – the abandonment of the employer NI contribution rather than a £2,000 starter threshold? UKIP’s policy of cancellation would enable small employers in particular to take on more workers.

That’s how to promote jobs and growth.

Derek Clark


East Midlands