BT PROBLEMS: Can we expect a rebate for lack of service?

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For the past few weeks – three going on four at time of writing – we have been without our BT broadband and land line or if we have either, we don’t have the other.

Despite ringing the BT ‘Help Line’ based somewhere in the Colonies and hearing a sort of ‘speak your weight’ machine voice –human it seems – read from a script complete with phonetic commas and full stops and really getting no sense as when you ask a question, the skills of the said operative simply means they start from the beginning of the script yet again – we called in a computer expert and after doing assorted checks it points to an outside BT incoming line fault.

We have rung on our mobiles on assorted occasions in the last little while and got nowhere but each time we get a different reason for the said fault and problem and on two occasions a recorded voice telling us the ‘fault in your area has been repaired’ but oh no it ain’t.

We note that others in the local area are also having problems as well judging by reports in this newspaper.

Our last contact was Thursday, November 21, this year’s one, and we had a text come on the mobile phone afterwards saying the fault would be sorted by November 28, but nothing has happened.

I have spoken to assorted BT engineers ‘around the area’ when I spotted their vans by the road side and it seems they have been instructed to say ‘No comment’ if the public/customers ask what the problem is and as one put it, our conversation officially did not take place – the KGB would be proud.

Inspiring or what? I did get an answer out of one BT engineer and while it sounds about right and he said he and some of his colleagues felt embarrassed by the BT management and its lacklustre response to the problem in hand, but they are still pumping out their adverts for the new all whistles and bells Broadband service but can’t look after its established customers plus it seems to be okay to pay our bills in this country but for ‘service’, you have to ring thousands of miles away with no real assurance or help.

Can we expect a rebate due to lack of service in the next phone bill? Anybody wanna form a protest group?

John Ward

Moulton Seas End