BROADBAND: Do you know we have super fast service?

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BT Openreach recently installed my new fibre-optic broadband service on behalf of my internet provider TalkTalk. The engineer was quick and efficient and my new service gives me a download speed of around 40mbps instead of 16mbps, with an upload speed of 1.7mbps instead of 0.607mbps.

He did say that up the ‘copper wire’ element of the connection, the broadband speed on the fibre-optic cable was 240mbps and was the highest he’d seen this close to the BT Exchange in Station Street.

This feature cost me £10 a month extra on top of my TalkTalk Essentials package.

I asked the BT engineer if there was a fast take-up of fibre-optic in this area and he said it wasn’t. He said he did only a few calls a day to connect fibre-optic for customers.

I wondered why this was and he pointed out that people –businesses or home – may not know it exists or how much it costs to upgrade.

Since there has been vast sums of money installing fibre-optic boadband in Spalding of late, I would like to pose a few questions in the hope that the major investment in this area will not go under-used.

1.Are home-owners and businesses aware Spalding has high-speed, super-fast fibre-optic broadband?

2.If no, has there been lack of information, or worse, no information, about what services are available to everyone in both the private and business sector?

3.If yes, then why has the take-up of fibre-optic broadband been so sluggish given the major advances in technology and benefits to both business and domestic consumer alike?

4.Have others like me had fibre-optic installed and found it easy to set-up and run, or are they put-off buying fibre-optic broadband because of what they think the cost may be or whether or not other things are in play? It seems there is scant information out there in this area about it.

Either way, we have fibre-optic broadband here. It seems a great shame to me that the huge investment made to bring it to us is under-utilised. Can those whose expertise to promote these state-of-the-art services for households and businesses alike produce a plan of action to make all in this area know its available, and to promote to businesses, especially the benefits in this area and beyond?

Alan Long

St Thomas’ Road