BROADBAND: Didn’t imagine that it would deteriorate

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When we moved to Lincolnshire from Buckinghamshire 12 years ago from we didn’t expect that the county would have all the advantages of the South-East but we did not imagine that things would deteriorate.

However, it appears that we have managed to find ourselves in something of a communication desert.

It was bad enough that we can’t get local television and have to watch news about Derby, Leicester, and Nottingham; and it is irritating that my mobile phone signal oscillates between barely usable and non-existent; but at least our broadband speed was functioning (just); now even that has been denied us.

According to the BT Engineer, someone in a nearby property is using a piece of faulty electrical equipment that is creating something called Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN) which interferes with the broadband.

Now I don’t know who this person is because BT are not allowed to tell me or any of my immediate neighbours who are similarly affected; but allegedly the culprit has denied the BT engineer the opportunity to identify the faulty piece of equipment because, “it’s not effecting them”.

Now, having been abandoned by BT, I find myself with a broadband speed little better than dial-up, and unable to use internet TV which had functioned perfectly well for about 18 months.

BT tell me that because the problem only effects broadband there is nothing they can do. So much for superfast broadband to the rural communities. I wonder how many others find themselves affected in a similar way.

Colin Mardell

Holbeach Clough