Bring back the days of busy shops and a bustling market

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Comments have been made recently regarding the problem of litter in the town, including the river and the streets.

It would appear that most of the problem is caused by some of our foreign community not complying with rubbish collection days and throwing beer cans in the street.

I don’t agree that the council should have to publish letters regarding collections in another languages, as has been suggested on these pages.

Why should they? I think most local people would agree that immigrants know enough English to get benefits, tax credits and council houses, so why they don’t understand I don’t know.

On the other hand, the times when they “no speak English” is when stopped by the police for driving with no insurance, tax or MOT.

Then I suppose it’s convenient to not speak our lingo.

If they understood our laws, then they would know that you do not remove fish from the rivers, or ducks to eat as we understand they are doing.

Whatever has happened to our town when we hear of these things happening.

Bring back the days when you could walk in the town on a Saturday, with a bustling market and shops that were open, and the only language you heard was English.

Bernice Issitt

Coalbeach Lane