Brian’s banter reminds me of a time long gone

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I would just like to pass comment on the article recently published with regards to the return of the flower seller to Holland Market and the wealth of feeling shown.

In itself this probably does not rank as being anything special but I think there is something running a bit deeper here.

For starters it shows that people appreciate a little bit of brightness being brought into the humdrum lives the majority of us live.

Prior to Brian Markillie being evicted, supposedly on the grounds of his ‘untidy stall’, it was a chore made pleasurable to be able to negotiate the walk from the new to the not-so-new part of Spalding, on dull cold winter days.

The splash of colours in the form of flowers and plants awaiting placement in a warm, accommodating home made this all the more worthwhile.

Tie this in with a value for money purchase, service with a smile and a few minutes of friendly banter and all of a sudden I get memories of a time long since gone.

I do believe there is something to be learned from this story both for our local council although not directly involved in this issue and these faceless ‘landowners’.

That is, throughout the world people have plied their trades in a simple manner which people can relate to for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

So welcome back Brian and I look forward to purchasing my weekly fix of colour off you for some time to come.

Reuben H Holmes

Wardentree Lane