BLUE PLAQUE: Jimi Hendrix concert will be commemorated

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Colin Ward will be pleased to know that the Civic Society, which has been responsible for the blue plaques installed in Spalding in recent months, is already working on the idea of a blue plaque to commemorate the fact that Jimi Hendrix played here.

However, these things do not just happen overnight; consideration has to be given to the exact location, permission of the owner of the site, design, wording and, not least, the financing of the operation, and the fact that all this work depends on volunteers, who, in the nature of things, are often busy doing lots of other things.

We were fortunate, for example, that Councillor Gary Taylor was able to pay for the plaque to Jean-Jacques Rousseau from his designated ward budget.

I might add that it can be difficult to assess the relative significance of Frank Pick, whose life’s work, evidenced in the visual expression of corporate identity, was far ahead of its time though now taken for granted, and of a world-renowned musician who performed here on one occasion; nonetheless, I am grateful to Mr Ward for highlighting the significance of Jimi Hendrix’s visit and hope that it will not be long before it is recognised visibly in an appropriate place.

These plaques help to enhance the interest of Spalding to visitors and natives alike. May I repeat our request to members of the public to send us their suggestions of other notable people or events worthy of recognition in this way?

David Jones

Spalding and District Civic

Society chairman