Bin bag rules are there for a reason

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With reference to Daphne Ledward-Hands’ letter (Spalding Guardian September 20), I would like to thank her and these community-minded residents for the dedication and commitment they have demonstrated in cleaning up after those who seek to spoil our environment.

Clearly, in this case the request was for a worthy cause and we will provide as many bags as is necessary to support their efforts.

More generally, we do have a restriction on the number of black bags issued for domestic use, as a way of encouraging people to “bin less and recycle more”.

Also, it is extremely difficult to monitor effectively what use a routine request for extra black bags might be for. This is demonstrated by the fact that we don’t limit the number of green bags that can be requested.

Unfortunately, this means that we see a large number of green bags being misused around the district, including for the fly tipping of green waste.

Coun Roger Gambba-


Portfolio holder for waste


South Holland District