BEREAVEMENT: Others whose loss greater than ours

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I would like to thank Barbara Lawson who wrote regarding the St Barnabas Centre Beareavement Support Group.

Like many, we were not aware of its existence and probably many other such groups in the area. Unfortunately when you work it is not possible to attend daytime groups.

We all think we are the only ones who are grieving but when you read about people like Barbara who lost two immediate family members within a very short space of time, while it doesn’t take your pain away it makes you realise that there are others whose loss is even greater than ours.

Our family would like to thank everybody who contacted us following the sad loss of our son Stuart Chance. To those who, along with many family and friends from the South, made the journey to Peterborough Crematorium on September 18. Thank you to Co-op Funeral Services.

We raised over £800 for Cancer Research plus £136 went to each of the three other charities that Stuart regularly supported – Help the Heroes, Scope and Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary. There is more still to be banked and the donation page is still open on the Cancer Research website.

We were all deeply touched by the support and generosity from those who knew Stuart. Like us, he would have been thrilled to have known how much he was loved by so many. Whilst we were unhappy with the intrusion of the media directly after Stuart’s death, and the distress it caused, Stuart would have enjoyed his short moment of fame. RIP Stuart x

Family of Stuart Chance