BEAREAVEMENT: So many people don’t know this group is here

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Please, through your paper, may I make people aware of the Bereavement Support Group that meets at the St Barnabas Centre, Woolram Wygate, Spalding, on a Monday afternoon.

I was devastated last year when I lost my wonderful dad and then four weeks later my precious son collapsed and died too.

I was offered to attend the Monday meeting. I admit I was very reluctant to attend but I too needed to be able to talk about my devastation and decided to give it a try.

I was met by lovely, welcoming counsellors and volunteers, all trained to cope, to whom I give my grateful thanks.

I was made to feel so welcome by everyone, including the other bereaved people. Just a small group but I soon realised I was not on my own and we all shared this horrible time of grief.

I couldn’t have coped without these lovely, friendly people, who have become my friends. We are all there for each other, young and old.

We all admit Monday afternoon is a very special part of our week when we can share our thoughts and tears, and happy times too.

So, of you are bereaved don’t hesitate, get in touch with St Barnabas at Woolram Wygate and you will be given tremendous help and a very warm welcome with lovely understanding people.

Sadly so many people don’t know it’s there.

Barbara Lawson