BANK CLOSURE: Final straw in fight for independence

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Regarding the closure of the NatWest branch in West End, Holbeach.

News of the closure has caused great consternation to many customers, not least because of the inconvenience to people who are less able-bodied and cannot move about easily.

In fact it might even be described as discriminatory. For many it may be a final straw in their fight for personal independence.

Their reason for closing this branch is that customers use other banking methods and “aren’t visiting the branch as often”.

In my experience most people over 70 do not use computers and cannot do online banking; nor do they use mobile phones.

These are people who paid taxes all their working lives and did an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay; they didn’t collect huge bonuses for jobs already paid for.

These people prefer to talk to people than machines. Did they do any research to find out why they are not visiting so often?

For example, did they ascertain the difficulty of access to the high street where the bank is situated?

Did they consider looking at ways to overcome any obstructions or reasons why the footfall was to low?

Did they once consider the effect on the local community as a whole rather than merely a set of numbers on a balance sheet?

If they had any thought for the community surely they would have used some of their great business brains, paid millions of pounds for their expertise, to spend an hour or so looking at Holbeach and what could be done to save the high street and their branch. So why didn’t they?

Joan Woolard

Fleet Hargate