Bah! Humbug indeed

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My wife and I made the effort to visit and support the Dickensian Evening at Springfields in Spalding – I wish we hadn’t been so disappointed.

1 – I was hoping to have some mulled wine – if it is thought that I would drink from a plastic beaker, have another think. We should all be the same.

2 – Arrival of Father Christmas. Did he come? There was no razzmatazz to herald his arrival. Could he not at the least have had a large bell and a megaphone? Or a herald or fanfare – you did have a band there (when they played).

3 – I could not believe my eyes when I saw people trooping in through the craft shop, to see Father Christmas! I cannot see how the owner can do any business in safety, or protect stock. It was chaotic. Unruly children causing mayhem. There was a very big health and safety risk there.

I could go on. I strongly suggest the “organisers” go to Europe and see how things are done properly, before another year passes.

A plus point. Do give congratulations to those in Dickensian dress; the stall holders, barrel organist and certain public, who entered into the spirit of Christmas Past

AH Male

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