AYSCOUGHFEE PLANS: Good manners to approach us in future

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In her letter of the July 11, Susan Stubley made some valid comments as to the need to regenerate the town centre, but, in an arrogant, self-opinionated reply Coun Roger Gambba-Jones totally missed her point, in that, proper consultation is essential when considering such an important issue as the s106 spend.

It is no secret that having organised band concerts in Ayscoughfee Gardens for over six years that I favour, not a massive spend on a new purpose built bandstand, but the renovation of the existing building situated next to the children’s play area. All work to be carried out at reasonable cost by local tradesmen.

If Coun Gammba-Jones understood the benefits of engaging in open-minded consultation and made the effort to do as Mrs Stubley suggested he would find numerous groups who already put on entertainment, or would welcome that opportunity, are very enthusiastic and supportive of my suggestion.

I am at a loss to understand that if Coun Gambba-Jones has never been aware of my views how he can state it would cost a large amount of money?

I find the tone of his letter to be objectionable, and his comments quite unhelpful given the importance of the applications now under consideration.

I regret he nearly choked on his cornflakes but I doubt that is not an uncommon reaction when he is faced with suggestions not in keeping with his own.

He might also consider that it would be good manners in future if he takes exception to a comment made by a constituent in a letter to the press that he approaches the constituent, and fellow councillor concerned.

Coun Graham Dark

Spalding St John’s ward