Authorities play a big part in destruction of hedgehog’s environment – so pay up

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I applaud Coun Grocock’s idea of donating a part of his allocation to help sick and injured hedghogs.

Why shouldn’t we be willing to help creatures with taxpayers’ money – after all it is man who has inflicted immeasurable cruelty on our wildlife.

In 2007 the hedgehog was made a priority species for conservation in the UK biodiversity action plan which was well publicised – but we still do our best to deprive the animal of the habitat it requires to sustain a healthy population.

How often do we see grass cut to within an inch of its life, leaves swept up, hedges and trees kept pristine in the name of tidiness.

Not only is the public to blame but authorities play a big part in the destruction of the type of environment so vital not only to hedgehogs but to wildlife in general.

I wonder if Coun Grocock’s fellow parish councillors had come up with ideas on how the cash could be spent or were they just waiting to rubbish someone who made a bold suggestion.

It’s true what someone said in last week’s Lincolnshire Free Press: “£500 is a drop in the ocean compared to the ridiculous rubbish councillors seem to spend money on” .

So come on Moulton Parish Council – prove you have some compassion and support Coun Grocock – you never know, other councils might take a leaf out of your book.

Philip Jackson



Wildlife Group