Attackers should be named

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I must agree that the use of administrative policing is a ‘cop out’ on behalf of the police in Spalding (Insp Tyner) to try and buy off a victim of an assault, where a young married mother Hayley Clayton was assaulted for no reason by an unnamed Lithuanian female, who was waiting to go into a Spalding night club.

She was told by the police it’s ‘£150 and no caution or caution and no compensation’. Very wisely Mrs Clayton chose the latter.

This week we have a local report of two doormen being assaulted by a migrant male with a lump of wood. So with a custodian of the law like Insp Tyner we can all sleep safely in our beds - not!

We need better than that in Spalding and go back to a time when it was safe to walk the streets at night about 25-30 years ago before the EU nonsense came into being. But we all know that will not happen.

The days when police were able to use sound judgment like Keith Woods, late police town inspector, and police like PC Bill Darley was around, sadly no longer with us.

Naming these attackers would put us on our guard for the future. The Lithuanian police would not have it.