At night the whole street is taken over and blocked by parked taxis

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For some time now we have noticed vehicles driving and turning up and down Red Lion Street during the day, apart from business vehicles who have a legitimate need to do so.

At night the whole street is taken over and blocked by parked taxis with their engines running.

We have counted as many as 19 taxis in that little street at weekends. They have now taken to parking with two wheels well on to the pavements, making it difficult for pedestrians to walk past and impossible for mobility scooters or prams etc to pass by.

Last night no one could pass by on the pavement. Police cars drive past and don’t seem to notice.

Since the taxis are constantly driving up the short street and turning it isn’t the best idea for pedestrians to use the middle of the street.

We know if the general public behaved in this way we would receive a reprimand or a fine for this behaviour.

The disabled parking area is not available at these times. The double yellow lines are meant to signify no parking at all times so why is this allowed to continue?

We also notice that a fast food outlet uses the area that has a lowered curb, to park. This is marked for the blind and is also designed for the use of wheelchairs and pushchairs.

People using Pinchbeck Road facilities during week nights park along both sides of the road, sometimes blocking access and making that area of Pinchbeck Road very narrow.

P Chapman