ASSISTED DYING: This bill is all about choice

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I was incensed to read MP John Hayes’ article in the Lincs Free Press with his views on the assisted dying bill.

This bill isn’t about the disabled and the mentally frail members of society – it’s about people with terminal illness who don’t want to have a long, painful death and want to have the choice to end their life when they have had enough without having to cajole family members or close friends to assist them or having to put a plastic bag over their head or the trauma of having to travel to another country to get peace.I and a lot of other people can’t understand the opposition to this bill and if an animal was left to suffer inhumanely you would be prosecuted.

The process of dying isn’t always about pain relief – there are a lot of other ghastly factors to be considered also.

This bill is about choice. If you don’t like it then don’t choose it but don’t deny others their choice.

Janice Bennett

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