’Ark at Noah, sustainable living patterns are vital

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Torrential rain and flooding brings the legend of Noah to mind. It’s an ancient story that speaks of the need to care for the planet.

Noah heeded the warning signs that others sadly ignored. His aim and intention was to preserve the life of every kind of animal and bird.

The story is strangely prophetic. Its concerns mirror those of ecologists and conservationists today.

As long as 40 years ago, the environmental movement warned of the impact of deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. Now it is widely recognised that increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases are causing global warming and climate change.

Will those who have been slow to heed warning signs follow the example of Noah and be swift and willing to take practical action?

Human activity is also destroying the web of nature upon which we all depend. It’s estimated that up to 100 plant species are lost each day and one quarter of the earth’s mammals are in danger of extinction.

The biblical story may be the stuff of myth and legend, but it highlights a stark reality. Take it from Noah, sustainable patterns of living and respect for creation are vital If warnings are ignored life, as we know it, will perish.


Holbeach Methodist