ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR: Shocked to find needles

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Recently I signed up for the ‘We have had enough’ campaign’ and this was aimed at our town centre and people’s behaviours.

Only on Sunday, on my way to the local newsagent, I happened to walk through some leaves and empty beer cans that were near the curb of the footpath in Carrington Road.

As I happened to glance down I was shocked to find a hyperdermic needle sticking in my shoe and I found at least six needles in total amongst the litter that had been discarded by someone that was totally irresponsible.

My immediate thought was that if I just ignored the needles a young child could come to harm by the possible contaminated needles, so I rang the police who responded

well and advised me to hand them into the local station for the safe disposal.

We all like to think that we live in a decent neighbourhood, but what concerns me the most is the possibility of drug abuse taking place only yards away from our front doors

and the evidence being left in the street.

Ten years ago you would not see any litter in our streets, now it has gone from beer cans and bottles to disgarded needles. We all need to be vigilant for our own safety and

others, but the abusers could be closer than we think.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road