Another example of ‘Rip-off Britain’?

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AGE UK Partnerships has opened a furniture re-use trading unit in Holbeach, selling donated furniture to generate a profit to sustain its contractual commitment to providing an advice and information service for older people.

Do we need another advice and information centre when we already have excellent, impartial advice available through CAB, Relate and the district council?

AGE UK will say that they have knowledge of, and sympathetic understanding of, the concerns of older people and are able to offer more reassurance to older citizens. Currently it is a leading campaigner against high domestic energy prices and the increasing number of older people living in energy poverty.

In spite of its campaigning stance it continues to promote an energy tariff from Eon that was on average, £309 more expensive than the cheapest deal available on the market as reported in a Times article, December 24, headlined ‘Bah Humbug’ naming the ten top Scrooges of 2011, including AGE UK.

AGE UK has representation on the board of trustees of the South Holland Community Furniture Recycling Project and is aware of our difficult financial situation.

Any reduction in the flow of donations will threaten the long term viability of our project.

Out of courtesy it informed SHCFRP of its proposal only on December 5 when its plans were finalised and being implemented.

The SHCFRP is a charity not a trading arm of a charity which does not seek to make a profit but to make available to local households facing increasing financial hardship quality reusable furniture at prices they can afford.

It is these households who will pay for an advisory service which cannot help them acquire reusable furniture at prices they can afford.

Some 40 per cent of the SHCFRP clients are in fact pensioners.

Is this an example of Rip-off Britain?


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