ANGLIAN WATER: Must be the silly season

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Reading the letter from Peter Simpson, MD of Anglian Water, about his concerns for the customers in the Lincolnshire Free Press, I knew the silly season had started early this year.

It seems this missive has gone to most regional newspapers in the AW area and while the lad is concerned about customers, as you do being on a mere £300,000 a year plus bonus of nearly double that according to research on the net, its quite heart rending.

Being on the said bag of loot, one would assume he should know what the problems are as such in common sense terms he is surrounded by minions to give answers as and when required but this is a PR session again to justify the very existence of AW management and assume there are more paperclip counters, paper shufflers and number crunchers on the books then those who physically work for the concern as a whole.

As it’s a consultation, it’s window dressing as any conclusions come from within and that’s that: otherwise why are these people being paid in the first place other than to just turn up at the office?

Anglian Water? While having a local sounding name it seems to be owned by a Canadian pension company via Guernsey no less and the tax paid is quite interesting to say the least.

Water is costly due to having to satisfy the shareholders plus it’s a monopoly as who else can you get it from as it’s not like electric/gas where everybody and his shareholder is offering alleged deals cheaper and with a free this and that slung in the deal.

Nice to see the standby excuse of climate change being slipped in as well and no doubt a standard issue polar bear is on standby for a photo call if required.

Plus he does value water and judging by the bills, he’s got that right.

How much should be invested in stopping leaks our lad asks is beyond parody as if water is leaking, fix it – if your roof was leaking, would you invite opinions from all and sundry on what to do first?

This is common sense strategy in the real world, not asking the customers as that is what AW are paid for – it’s called thinking.

If this brain storming stuff catches on, no doubt our police commissioner will be having consultations with villains to see what action the police should take when they catch them, although in some cases, it already being used.

Perhaps the obvious question ought to be is how does he justify his salary plus bonus, perks and what hours does he physically put in, what does he do in any given day based on the cost of his shareholders’ water these days.

I personally think the utility industries should have never been flogged off in some warped game of Monopoly that went wrong – for the customers at least.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End