Anger at eco park plans

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Like Mr Mohr (Guardian Letters, February 9), I am also extremely angry at Lincolnshire County Council’s decision to invest (note the word) £750,000 in a private enterprise, to build an eco business park in Long Sutton.

At a time of severe cuts to services and when people are struggling to stretch their money to pay bills, who on earth decided that this was a good way to invest council money?

Furthermore, more and more experts are openly questioning the merits of renewable energy systems and with the Government planning to reduce the level it pays for “home-generated electricity,” why invest in something with such high level of risk?

I would also like to know:

nAs an investor in the project would the county council have to contribute to any increases in the build costs?

nIs the county council in part responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and facilities?

nWhat is the anticipated annual nett yield from the project?

nWhat is the pay back period for the £750k?

nCould Long Sutton Parish Council find a better use for the money?

Peter Manley

Long Sutton