AMBULANCE SERVICE: Time for new approach

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I am really worried at the way changes to the ambulance service , the health service, the way our roads are maintained and how government decisions are made/enforced.

It seems that decisions of colonialist idealism or even draconion ideals are being used. I feel that this is a very short sighted approach.

Statistics are used as an excuse for their decisions. Yet the information on the statistics are only as reliable as the questions asked or more realistically, not asked.

There is a need for a better way of thinking – forward thinking – “thinking outside of the box”. This would bring in a more smarter way of working.

Maybe a fresh look at how decisions are made and implemented could help this country move forward.

Be honest and admit that if a trial/decision has not worked then try a new approach.

Do not force things through because someone wants a tick for a CV or forcing a certain decision through would look good for promotion.

Decision makers need to step out of their comfort zones and embrace realistic and fantastic opportunities.

Maybe then our country would be able to move forward.

Lyn Csernikovics