AMBULANCE SERVICE: Heartbroken but grateful

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After the article about the ambulance service I feel I should write of my experience.

At 4.15am on Christmas morning I had to call an ambulance to my husband who suffers from COPD – he was having great difficulty breathing. Within five minutes of putting the phone down a man from First Responders was knocking on the door, closely followed by an ambulance crew, and we were soon on our way to Peterborough City Hospital where my husband was quickly seen by a doctor.

After a week he was sent home, only to have a relapse on the afternoon of January 2, when I again rang for an ambulance and their response was just as quick, with a young man from LIVES arriving first.

My husband was taken back to Peterborough where the doctors tried very hard to save him but it was not to be, and I stayed with him until a peaceful end on January 3.

I shall forever be grateful to everyone who tried to help and also with the compassionate way I was treated at all times, which helped to make a heartbeaking experience more bearable.

Mrs M Hollis