AMBULANCE SERVICE: A totally shameful situation

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Regarding Tracey Sweetland’s report in last week’s Guardian and the alarming headline: “More people will die

under 999 hub plans.”

After reading this report I was shocked to think what price our community are going to pay for even more cuts to front line services that will , without doubt, put more people

at risk.

I congratulate the paramedic who has spoken out about the 999 hub plans and why should this person be in fear for speaking out and having an opinion?

These people are at the coalface and should be in the best position to judge on the cost cutting scheme and the implications.

Also I cannot understand East Midlands Ambulance Service’s chief executive Phil Milligan and his claim that the hub plans will improve response times.

How can this be the case when the Spalding area would be covered by an ambulance station situated at Market Deeping, which is 12 miles away from Spalding.

With a growing population in the region of 30,000 plus, I think these proposals are totally obscene and the authorities should have an urgent rethink.

I can recall our local

MP John Hayes expressing his concerns in the local press last year. I am sure there will be more public opinion on the side of the Lincolnshire Health Trust providing a quality emergency service for its own growing community along with the appropriate support from the government.

Despite having my previous concerns answered by Simon Temple, head of clinical services of the Johnson Hospital, I still think the new hospital should have come equiped with its own A&E and ambulance station with the nearest A&E being 16 miles away in Boston or Peterborough.

With the county elections not very far away I wonder if the electorate will have this important issue high on their agenda for services within the community along with care

for the elderly.

This is a totally shameful situation for people in our community and we must do all we can to fight for better services.

Lincolnshire deserves better.

Rodney Sadd