Ambulance response: Questions need asking

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Around 7.25pm on Saturday, May 24, I heard what I thought was a car crash outside my home.

I went to my window and saw a man lying in the road having it seems been hit by a car.

I went to call an ambulance, but I heard someone outside do it.

This person was motionless in the road. A passer-by who went to help did what she could and another person fetched a blanket.

The police were on the scene a few minutes later doing what they could for the victim.

I recall thinking that an ambulance would be here soon and he’d be on his way to hospital. I was wrong.

Given a 999 call was made at around 7.25pm, why did it take a further 30 minutes before an ambulance car appeared with I believe what is known as a ‘First Responder’?

At 8pm an actual ambulance appeared and administered treatment at the roadside before taking him to hospital.

It seems to me that it took roughly 35 minutes for the ambulance to appear.

Given there is an ambulance station in Spalding, I think questions need to be asked by someone with some serious political clout as to why it took so long.

This in a week where the ambulance service has come under fire for its response times, and the arguments raging about changes to working practices and ambulance stations.

I hope that the young man is on the way to recovery given this terrible delay.

The speed of response to the original 999 call leaves a lot to be desired.

Alan Long