Allotment prices were reduced through lack of demand – but you could have argued for a rise

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IN reply to Andrew Macdonald’s letter of November 15, I would like to educate him to the history of allotments in this area of South Holland.

In the 1950s and after they were the sole purpose of subsidising poor farm workers and nearly every form of employment in this area by virtue of them were growing strawberries, flowers and lettuces etc for the wholesale fruit and veg markets.

This carried on until the opening of the supermarkets in the late 60s and early 70s with their greed and taking away the small suppliers’ market for their produce.

Incidentally, the going rate of rent at £250 is in the main paid by massive farmers of 20,000 acres supplying supermarkets.

With all this going on allotments were no longer needed and became difficult to let.

So Mr Macdonald, supply and demand, hence the £92 acre and I have no business degree and ethics just plain common sense of a born and bred Luttonian of Lutton School education.


Lutton Parish Councillor

The following is my personal opinion and nothing whatsoever to do with any other parish councillor.

Had Mr MacDonald not thrown his toys out the pram and resigned his newly acquired seat on Lutton Parish Council shortly before the October 31 meeting, he would have been in a position to argue for an allotments rent rise, which he knew was up for discussion.

People who run away then adopt a Toy Town, Mr Grouser (“It ought not to be allowed”) attitude instead of pitching their tents for a fight, are the reason parishes like Lutton are in an unholy mess.

As Winston Churchill once said: “Any damned fool can tell you what’s wrong” and that goes for all of us.

COUN Joan Atkinson

School Lane