AID: An open letter to my local MP John Hayes

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I am a senior pensioner who has paid and is still paying income tax, having started in January 1951.

The reason for this letter to you is to seek explanation in terms that I can understand why you and your Government have decided to reduce the cost of caring for the elderly and in the same breath given £80million to Somalia.

I can recall that last year your Government handed Pakistan over £400million whilst people of this country were unable to afford the spirallingcost of keeping warm.

Furthermore, in your own constituency pensioners are queuing at a food bank for handouts.

The figures I have highlighted are quoted by the media – it would be interesting, in your reply, if you would give the overall figure of finances allocated to other parts of the world during the last parliamentary year – it will make interesting reading.

I, together with many bewildered pensioners, look forward to your reply with interest.Look around you and talk to people who have supported this country for many years you will learn so much of the real world.

Mike Williams

Long Sutton