Aeroplanes, windows and the Royal Flying Corp

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Just a century ago, January 19, 1915, the east coast experienced the first bombing raid around King’s Lynn.

Aeroplanes from the Tydd Gote aerodrome were sent up and one of the brave

officers of the forerunner to the Royal Flying Corp came from Long Sutton.

The son of a local curate,

Leonard Dawes then went on to run a grocer shop in the town.

A window is dedicated to the family in St Mary’s church. This is part of our local history and part of our community. We can name countless acts of sacrifice and heroism in every conflict.

And this brief story highlights three things. First, every life counts and our communities have many people to be proud of.

Secondly, our armed forces not only protect and support our communities and country but strive to bring peace and justice.

Thirdly, God is everywhere, in every story, in every act of bravery, in every situation however frightening.

When those first planes went up to protect King’s Lynn it was a very new thing to do. Those airmen and pilots 100 years ago flew for the same reasons and with the same bravery as our RAF and military pilots do today.

Fr Jonathan Sibley

Vicar Long Sutton St Mary